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Welcome to michaelangelocandlels, where Luxury meets affordable.
Established in 2015 our mission at michaelangelocandles is straightforward: using only Eco-friendly ingredients that are non-toxic and burn clean. It is more than just a candle to burn, it is your personal space. We firmly believe your environment should not be compromised by over-priced candles that are subpar that's why we craft each and every candle from non-toxic, natural, high quality wax.

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Patchouli Vibes

Transform your Home into a Haven of Peace with our Luxurious, Clean-Burning 11oz Patchouli Candle!

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Experience pure joy with this exceptional candle featuring citrus and pineapple notes

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Champagne Toast

It's a celebration, light it up! This non-toxic candle will have you dancing to the beat of your own wick!

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